49: Kathrena Caught the Car


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It’s time for more Legend Storytime, now with extra dinosaurs! Plus we’ll discuss how to find the right deck for you to start your climb off next season.

Deck codes:

  • Kathrena Hunter: AAECAR8K8gX4CP4Mws4C3dIChtMC5+ECtuoC8vECyfgCCo0BhwTJBMbCApvLApzNAt/SAuPSAuHjAu3qAgA=
  • Quest Warrior: AAECAQcGsgi+wwLTwwLJxwLK5wLl7wIMS6IEkQb/B/sMm8ICysMCzM0Cz+cCquwCm/MCxfMCAA==
  • Taunt Druid: AAECAbSKAwbCzgKv0wLm0wLx6gLd6wK/8gIMQF/pAcQG5AjJxwKU0gKY0gKe0gKL4QKE5gKN8AIA