28: ...To Spite Your Face

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Let my rollercoaster ride of a weekend on ladder be your guide to the most fun you can have with priest without putting Raza the Chained in your deck: Spiteful Summoner Dragon Priest!


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Deck Codes:

  • Anduin version: AAECAZ/HAgaRvALhvwKZyAKQ0wKc4gL86gIMCKgFjQjyDLq7AvC7AsrDAsrLAqbOAvvTAsvmAtfrAgA=
  • Lich King Version: AAECAZ/HAgaRvALhvwKZyALCzgKc4gL86gIMCKgFjQjyDLq7AvC7AsrDAsrLAqbOAvvTAsvmAtfrAgA=