Isometric Moving to Relay.FM: What You Need to Know

By now, you’ve probably heard the big news about Isometric moving over to Relay.FM next month. Bri summed up the reasons why we’re moving pretty well; I’m personally really excited because I’ve gotten to become good friends with a number of the hosts over at Relay since we started Isometric, and the network is doing a lot of exciting work right now. It’s always more fun to work with your friends, and I think the folks at Relay feel the same about being able to bring us on board.

That said, change is always a little bit scary. I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about what’s going to happen to the show once we move, so rather than trying to answer those 140 characters at a time on Twitter, it made sense to try to collect a FAQ of what to expect when Isometric moves over to Relay in April.

Will I need to resubscribe when Isometric moves?

Maybe. If you’re subscribed to us via the 5by5 Master Feed, you won’t see our episodes in that feed anymore, so you’ll definitely want to subscribe to the Isometric feed on Otherwise, even though we’ll be redirecting the current feeds so you don’t have to subscribe to the new feeds, we do recommend it so that you make sure not to miss an episode, because things can sometimes go wrong with feed redirects. I’ll have another post with details on how to resubscribe once we have the new feeds set up.

Will I still be able to listen to the old episodes?

Yes! We’re bringing over all the old episodes, and we’re going to be putting all of the After Dark content into the main episode. We’ve heard that the After Darks could be hard to find for people who were listening to older episodes, so this should make things much more convenient.

Will you still be live streaming?

Yes! We’re still planning to stream the shows at our normal time on Thursday nights. Once we move over we’ll be streaming from; keep an eye on the Twitter account for the announcement of when that switch will take place.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to ask me on Twitter or email at if it doesn’t fit in a Tweet. We’re looking forward to working with Relay to bring you more of Isometric’s signature information and nonsense starting in April!